As the umbrella, Decade to Doorways implements and oversees the Operational Plan through the coordination of problem solving work groups known as action teams. These teams are attended by approximately 200 strategically sought out volunteer community members. Each team is chaired by respected and reputable leaders in Chester County, acting as ambassadors for the community plan. 

Action Team Goals

Housing Stabilization Action Team Goals

  • Begin implementing a plan for a system-wide solution for accessibility to housing stabilization resources
  • Maximize employment and mainstream benefit opportunities for those at risk of homelessness, that address each individual's unique circumstances, to facilitate sustainable housing

Permanent Housing Action Team Goal

  • Grow the network of landlords, developers, investors, and government entities to promote, expand, and support affordable housing using subsidies, political reforms, case management, and financial support across all of Chester County

Systems Change Action Team Goals

  • Develop a plan for implementation of case management continuum that provides comprehensive and consistent support that meet the needs of those experiencing and at risk of homelessness, including those who have been recently housed
  • Increase education, coordination, and links across systems and create solutions to address the needs of specific populations that are experiencing or at increased risk of homelessness

Results Action Team Goal

  • Develop, analyze, and report on system-wide data and measurements of success to identify gaps and trends that inform Decade to Doorways action team's work creating data-driven solutions

Help us hear the voice of the homeless. Be a part of the solution.

To learn more about the work of Decade to Doorways’ Action Teams or to become involved, contact Lauren E. Campbell at