Want to help make homelessness rare, brief, and non-recurring in Chester County?  

Check out some of these action steps:

1.       Educate yourself about the root causes of homelessness and share what you've learned with family and friends.  Visit National Alliance to End Homelessness to learn more.

2.       Advocate by contacting your local, state and federal elected officials to let them know how important the issue of homelessness is and urge them to take action.  To learn more about advocating, visit National Low Income Housing Coalition and the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania.

3.       Refer those in need to local organizations and support resources.  Check out the Chester County Community Resource Guide for more information.

4.       Interested in making a long term impact? Contact the Decade to Doorways Administrator, Lauren Campbell, to learn ways in which you can contribute to an innovative initiative that will bring Chester County closer to the elimination of homelessness.

5.      Learn more about how Decade to Doorways is ending homelessness in Chester County by subscribing to the D2D newsletter and Chester County's Department of Community Development newsletter.