My Experience as an Intern

Carly Hill


My name is Carly Hill, and I am a senior social work major at West Chester University. Besides being a student, I work as an intern on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Tuesdays, I intern at Friend’s Association in West Chester and on Thursdays I intern at the Department of Community Development. At Friend’s Association, I assist with shelter case management and volunteer tasks. Sometimes my tasks are as simple as giving winter coats, cleaning supplies or hygiene products to families that need it. I also design the bulletin board at the shelter, which advertises community events, Friend’s Association updates, and resources. Also, I helped set up and attended Friends Association’s Fall Festival at the Oscar Lasko YMCA.  When I am helping with shelter case management, I meet with the families, assess their needs, and discover what led the family to becoming homeless. Also, I help the families create and accomplish a goal plan. My work includes connecting the clients to resources, such as mental health services, food banks, rapid rehousing programs, and child care.

At DCD, I have many roles, which include working with the Decade to Doorways team, the VISTAs, and sitting in on meetings. Also, I sit in on the VI-SPDAT calls with Gene Suski and other staff members. Decade to Doorways focuses on hunger and homelessness awareness and is Chester County’s ten year plan to end and prevent homelessness. I am working with the Decade to Doorways team to plan the annual Point in Time Count. Also, I am helping to advertise for the National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week movie nights, which take place during the week of November 12th.  Another task of mine includes sitting in on Permanent Housing Options Committee meetings, where I take notes and keep track of the meeting minutes.

There is a true fascination in seeing and participating in many aspects of ending and preventing homelessness. Whether that be the micro level of helping families one on one, the mezzo level of sitting in on meetings, or the macro level of learning about DCD and HUD policies. I was trained on how to use Chester County Client Information Management System (CCCIMS) and how to complete a SPDAT assessment. As a bachelor’s level social work intern, I have learned an incredible amount over the last few months. I will be interning at both Friends’ Association and DCD until May and I am excited to keep learning how to prevent and end homelessness.