AmeriCorps VISTA

10 Fun Facts about Lara Dorfman, New AmeriCorps VISTA

Roberta Machin, BA


The newest member of Decade to Doorways, Lara Dorfman, began her year of service as an AmeriCorps VISTA at the end of July.  She is excited to work alongside Lauren and Roberta and collaborate with the other agencies within the community who are working diligently each day to prevent and end homelessness.

Here are 10 things you didn't know about Lara:

1.      In May, she graduated from Temple University with a BA in Communication Studies and Public Health. If she could do it all over again she would, because she thought the Communication program at Temple was incredible.

2.      Her favorite class was called Media Criticism, which she took during her last semester. Her professor tailored the class to focus on Apocalyptic Scenarios, which ended up being very interesting.

3.      She has three younger sisters and two older brothers.

4.      Her favorite food is French fries.

5.      She went to London last spring and did an internship with the NHS program called Thrive Tribe. The program offers free weight management classes that included cooking, simple exercises, and other support. They also offered free smoking cessation counseling and smoking cessation products. It was her favorite internship and she wishes these kinds of programs would be implemented in the U.S.

6.      In high school she was on the crew team, and now she runs for fun.

7.      She has absolutely no sense of direction.

8.      Her favorite movie is Superbad.

9.      She went to the University of South Florida for one semester before transferring to Temple, because she couldn’t stand not living in the city.

10.     She decided to join AmeriCorps after an old internship supervisor described her own experience with AmeriCorps, which she loved.