Hope Dunn Receives the Governor's Achievement Award

Chester County WIA


Last year, Hope Dunn moved here from Mississippi with her husband and four children, who were all under four years old.  They had moved to Pennsylvania so that her husband could go to automotive school.  Soon after settling here, her husband lost his job and they faced eviction.  With the family in need of assistance, Hope was referred to the Chester County EARN program.  A week after Hope started at EARN, a judge ruled in favor of their eviction and her husband abandoned the family the same day, taking their vehicle with him.  Hope was left with no transportation, no family in the state, and as a stay-at-home mom, no recent work history.  

In spite of everything, Hope continued to revise her resume and apply for jobs, all the while keeping a smile on her face and caring for her children. She was diligent in contacting every agency to which she was referred.  Assisted by her local CAO and PathStone, she managed to find a car that could fit four car seats.  With the help of PathStone & Department of Community Development, she and her children were able to avoid a shelter and stay in a hotel for three weeks until Rapid Rehousing could find her a new home.  She rented a truck, emptied their storage unit and moved everything, all on her own.  Hope even conquered taking four small children to daycare on a bus when she had never been on mass transit in her life. 

The week after she moved to her new home things moved quickly.  She went on five interviews, took an assessment for a position with a school district and then was offered her dream job as a Catering Sales Coordinator.  Hope has pushed through many obstacles in a very short time.  Instead of being crushed by the stress and pressure of life, she blossomed and grew stronger.  

The PA Department of Human Services recognizes Hope for her perseverance and congratulates her for gaining financial independence for her family through employment.