What is Effectively Ending Homelessness?


Ending homelessness by 2022 is an ambitious and seemingly impossible goal. What does a county without homelessness actually look like?

  1. No one will be left on the street if they would like housing. For those that do not want housing at the time, there is a list with their names and a plan to engage with them.
  2. Our supply of housing and resources exceeds the demand.
  3. If someone new does experience homelessness, it will be rare, brief, and non-recurring.
  4. There will be no barriers to entering shelter.
  5. An individual or family’s time in a shelter will be no longer than 30 days.


In order to achieve this, Decade to Doorways has created a 2016-2017 Operational Plan with prioritized goals that will bring us closer to our 10 year goal. This plan includes eight strategic goals with action plans developed for each that map out tasks, persons responsible, timeline and metrics.