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Public Awareness Campaign Kick-off!

Decade to Doorways and Chester County recognized the tireless efforts and significant progress of the Decade to Doorways partnership of local agencies, businesses, faith communities, and neighbors in ending homelessness in Chester County by 2022.

Decade to Doorways announced the new public awareness campaign to showcase the behind the scenes active compassion and unwavering support that the partnership provides to our community on a daily basis.

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Four-Year Decline in Point-in-Time Count Numbers

The Chester County Department of Community Development and Decade to Doorways issued a press release on March 19th, 2019 outlining the progress of Decade to Doorways, Chester County’s ten year plan to end and prevent homelessness.

In the report, Pat Bokovitz, the Director of the Chester County Department of Community Development, stated:

“The downward trend that Chester County is seeing for those who are experiencing homelessness can be attributed to a combination of factors, all coming together because of the Decade to Doorways initiative. We are bringing together the work of our coordinated homeless service providers, the increase in permanent supportive housing resources, and the targeting of resources to support the most vulnerable. These efforts are bringing us even closer to Chester County’s goal of ending homelessness.”

View full press release HERE!

For information on Chester County’s Point-in-Time count results, follow this LINK!