Workgroups and Committees

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Governance Board

To provide guidance for and exercise oversight with respect to the activities of the Continuum of Care and to advise the Decade to Doorways Partnership on all matters related to the development and administration of system vision, mission, policies, performance measures, outcomes, and funding resources.

System Performance Committee

The System Performance Committee provides guidance and recommendations for clear and accurate measurement and communication of the D2D Partnership in alignment with HUD guidance.

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Coordinated Entry Committee

The CE Committee develops, evaluates, implements, updates, and assists in administration of the Coordinated Entry System (i.e. diversion, access, assessment, prioritization, referral).

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CCCIMS Committee

The CCCIMS Committee works with HMIS Lead to provide recommendations on ongoing software use and enhancements.

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CoC NOFA Committee

The CoC NOFA Committee assists with the local CoC Program NOFA Competition.

Funding Collaborative

The Funding Collaborative will establish system –level collaboration among funding partners to integrate efforts serving the most vulnerable individuals navigating the housing, health, mental health, criminal justice, child welfare and other social service systems. The system-wide collaboration could be structured through blending or braiding funding, with the goal to create a strategic approach to funding community services and determine where resources can align to address community needs.

Landlord Engagement Workgroup

The Landlord Engagement workgroup will create a successful coordinated approach to landlord recruitment and retention.

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Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Workgroup

The PSH Workgroup’s goal will be to create written standards and a “Move-On” strategy for PSH in order that it is provided to the most vulnerable.

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Ending Chronic Homelessness Workgroup

The Ending Chronic Homelessness Workgroup should, in collaboration with the Coordinated Entry Planning and Oversight, System Performance, and the CCCIMS Agency Admin committees, engage an overall strategy to prevent chronic homelessness from occurring.

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Community Outreach Workgroup

This Community Outreach Committee will be charged with bringing public awareness to the larger community.